Company - ALKA GROUP

Quality, Environment and OHS Policy

ALKA Industry Construction and Trade Inc. as, with the Integrated Management System we have established, in all our activities, besides ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, ISO 45001 OHS Management System standards and legal requirements, we fulfill our other requirements, especially the requirements of the German VRS Manufacturers Association, of which we are a member. As a guardrail manufacturer known for its quality and sensitive to environmental and OHS issues, we aim to gain and protect the trust of our stakeholders.

In accordance with this purpose;

* Identifying, evaluating, monitoring and taking action when necessary, within the scope of corporate risk management approach, the risk factors and opportunities that may affect the achievement of company goals,

* To evaluate the risks and environmental effects of work accidents and occupational diseases, to eliminate OHS hazards by developing preventive measures against possible hazards, and to reduce OHS risks and environmental effects,

* To inform our employees, subcontractors and visitors about possible risks and precautions in order to raise awareness of quality, environment and OHS,

* To be a reliable and pioneering organization aiming at continuous improvement and development by measuring the effectiveness of quality, environment and OHS measures and ensuring the participation of all relevant parties for this purpose,

* To provide a safe, efficient working environment that is sensitive to the environment, customer and employee expectations and satisfaction by including OHS culture, quality and environmental awareness in all business processes,

we are committed.