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Hot Submerging Galvanized Coating

We give zinc coating service by hot dipping method at our premises in Gebze. Hot dip galvanization of steel elements is performed in the shortest time possible in conformity with TS 914, DIN 50976, BS 729 and ASTM standards in a manner in which quality is guaranteed.

The certificate and quality control reports which are prepared according to tests carried out in our labrotories, are presented to our customers.

There are 2 hot dip galvanization lines in our premises.

Sizes of zinc bath in 1. line Length: 13,50m, Width: 1,50m, Depth: 2,50m

Sizes of zinc bath in 2. line Length: 7,50m, Width: 1,50m, Depth: 3,25m

Monthly capacity of the premises is 7.000 tons.